My name is Sara, I sign Sara Rodi in my books and in what I write for television, but what I’m called most in day-to-day life is “Mom.” I have four children, between the ages of 9 and 15, and my life revolves around them, their personal needs, their health and their education.

My husband is a good partner in this adventure, and as he owns a pharmacy, he is in charge of bringing home the right medicine at the right time. As for me, I make a point of not needing any remedy, while trying to ensure that in my children’s kit enough hours of quality sleep, healthy meals, sports and outdoor walks, games and the appetite for knowledge are not missing. When they were little, there were more bruised knees and bruises. Now, above all, there are iron arms and fluctuations of humor, which we know to be normal, but which lead us, parents, to dream of a miraculous pill that will redouble our patience!

My frantic day-to-day life, among children and many projects that, because I get so excited, sometimes make me forget the limits of my fragile body that has become a good user of supplements (and anti-wrinkle creams, I admit…). Other than that, I try to have my Kit containing meals with “real” food, sport, sunshine, good conversation, good music and a good book at the head. On trips, which are always an excellent source of inspiration,

I never forget the remedy for urinary infections. I only had it once, but in the middle of China, and it was a headache to explain to the pharmacist, who did not understand English, what I had (at that time there was still no Google Translator and sign language was not favorable to my condition). Finding a remedy that seemed to me to be reliable, was not an easy task either, and trying to find bathrooms at every corner was a task to make us despair.

What my kit does not have, and I wish it had – it’s a shame that it was not invented yet – was an SOS tablet for inspiration. I’ve never missed it, but every time I look at a blank sheet I wonder what will become of me the day I do not know what to write. Today was not the day, fortunately! Thank you for this therapeutic challenge…

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