Will you be my Valentine?


Today, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I have chosen a very dear couple from the pharmacy, Mrs. Alice and Mr. Amaro.

As they pose for the photograph, I ask them to tell the secret of their Love story.

They begin by saying in a tender tone: “We are very good friends.”

Mr. Amaro lovingly puts his arm over Mrs. Alice’s shoulder and continues:

– Of course, we sometimes disagree… but, above all, we respect each other.

Throughout the session, between laughter and emotion, they share with us stories of a life of complicity.

Today is also the day of crowded restaurants, sold out events, and a whole commercial offer for Valentine’s Day, but…

#A great Love until We are Old

Is not that what we all really want?

Sweet is love

That goes in the heart,

Sweet is love

That always offers forgiveness,

Sweet is love

It goes from space to space

Sweet is love

Love with passion! *


* Poems of Love and Verses with flavor, Laura Mirpuri.


Will you be my Valentine?


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