The passing of time can bring limitations and it is mainly at home that accidents happen.

COLD is responsible for some of the medical emergencies around this time:

  • Hypothermia (body temperature below normal values),
  • Breathing problems,
  • Burns and falls.


Does this list seem strange? The truth is that the dangers caused by the cold come from both the weather and from what we do to protect ourselves from them. To keep yourself and your family safe, you need to take some important precautions:

1.To combat the cold

  • Try to maintain the house temperature between 18°C and 21ºC (place a thermometer in a visible place to make it easier to control the temperature)
  • Use adequate heating equipment; central heating, oil or electric heaters, or, if these are not possible, use hot water bottles.
  • Check door and window slots to prevent the entry of cold air and heat output.
  1. Attention to heaters!

Be especially ATTENTIVE when using fireplaces, heaters and gas heating equipment: maintain proper room ventilation, in order to avoid the accumulation of gases that cause severe intoxication,

  • Do not use coal burning stoves indoor for heating, or any other outdoor heating equipment;
  • To avoid fires, be careful not to leave easily combustible materials (curtains, blankets) near the heating sources;
  • Do not forget to turn the heating on or off before going to bed or leaving the house.
  1. Prevention of flus, colds, burns and accidents
  • Avoid sleeping near any switched on heat source,
  • Avoid drafts of cold air indoors,
  • Avoid being barefoot on cold, slippery or wet floors,
  • Wear slip-resistant, well-adjusted footwear, because some slippers and socks increase the risk of tripping or slipping and falling.
  • Prefer hot water bottles, well-sealed and lined as to prevent burns, or use thermal seed bags,
  • Take great care when you are close to sources of heat.



Always keep safety contacts, such as family, friends, neighbors and firefighters handy and clearly visible: • Keep your phone or mobile phone in an easily accessible place in case you need help. Protect yourself from the cold without compromising your comfort and safety.

If in doubt ask your pharmacist 😉

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