Despite the cold days, we were not locked at home with the kids, quite the contrary, we have taken to go to the garden, the beach and the library to borrow books. Here at home we believe that the defenses are created in “adverse” conditions, so we favor the contact of the children with the cold. Therefore, I gathered the kids and made a list of our essentials this winter.

Wearing several layers of clothing instead of just one helps keep the body warm, it’s the best way to protect ourselves from the colder days, Brrr!

A wool hat, a scarf and a good pair of gloves are the accessories that cannot be missing in the closets of kids and adults, because in addition to protecting the most exposed areas of the body, such as hands, ears and head, they always add that touch of style.

Moisturizing lipstick or petroleum jelly on the lips avoid the appearance of small cracks (chapped lips), so they always walk hand in hand, now in the backpack or in the coat pocket, because the important thing is to apply and repeat!

Nourishing cold cream, to be applied to the face and hands, forms a protective barrier on the skin protecting it from external aggressions, wind and cold … who wants to play with the Indians?

A warm blanket for the windiest days or just to lay on the grass in a warmer place.

A lot of good play increases heat production and blood circulation, as well as small movements with the fingers, arms and legs, because anything goes except to let the body cool down.

And now… kids, to the street!

Photography Rita Ferro Alvim.

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