Holidays. This week we went south, without schedules or plans, we needed these days to remember how good it is to live slower.

Time to be together: talk, laugh, hug, kiss, holding hands, a lot of cuddling and hugs.

Disconnect the ‘complicater’.

Inside the bags only the essential: half a dozen t-shirts, swimming suits, dresses, shorts, flip flops and hats.

Who said that packing for three, five or six is worse than finishing the Rubik cube?

On the beach, although that water being FREEZING, the kids spend most of the time challenging the waves.

How great it is to sit by the water, bury the feet in the sand and just look at my children playing (they grow too quickly).

We bite into the huge Berlim balls, we like to have sugar mustaches.

The nap after lunch is sacred, it comforts the body and helps catching their breath.

We practice letting go, bit by bit.

TV and cell phones were replaced by card games and table football, books, writing, and walks on the beach after late dinners.

Late afternoons are spent on the beach with games until the sunset, we let ourselves be carried away by the lightness of the warm days, with the skin tasting of salt.

Férias a Sul


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