Hello, my name is Vanessa Faria Lopes and I am an Osteopath.

From a very early age I was fascinated by the human body, how incredible and almost perfect machine it is!

My job is this:

Due to stress, accelerated pace of life, work positions, wear, traumas, bad luck, difficult births and pregnancies, sports and leisure taken to the limit, for all these situations and some others we call “live”, the body may need help getting rebalance, readjust and invigorate.

As an osteopath I help this wonderful machine to perform easily, effectively and painlessly the thousands of demands and tasks it faces daily.

In my osteopath kit the most important tool are undoubtedly my hands. It is they who feel and find the changes, imbalances and dysfunctions of the body, they can correct, reorganize and return mobility and comfort to the body.

I also find it fundamental to add to my kit a personalized approach, a friendly and sincere smile, a warm atmosphere, a lively conversation and total persistence and dedication to return the well-being and ease of LIVING.

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