A month after the baby was born, the day has come to take a family photo to offer aunts and grandparents for Christmas, to put on that empty frame on the mantelpiece.

They all pose in their best pressed clothes; dad adjusts his bow tie, mom gives her dress a final twist and takes the comb to give the baby that final touch.

Upon the camera click, two things are captured: small (but noticeable) yellow crusts in the comb and baby’s head, and the subsequent mom’s puzzled expression.

The first time mother was caught by surprise by the “harmless” milk crust.

Parents, it has nothing to do with the baby lack of hygiene!

Usual question: what is happening to my baby?

There is an excessive tallow production by the sebaceous glands that dries out and turns into layers, forming oily yellow scales that get together and form crusts.

Now, keep calm and carry on reading… apart from appearing in the scalp, it can also appear on the ears and face, sides of nose, chest and even along skin folds, buttocks and other body parts where sebaceous glands can be found.

Is there culprits?

Yes, the hormones! It is commonly accepted that they are produced by the mother and, before the birth, pass on onto the baby. They are responsible for the unusual tallow production.

Mommy, let’s take a deep breath, because they can last between two to six weeks.

The good news is that some steps during the cleaning of the affected areas together with the use of adequate products is halfway to make the milk crust disappear.

What are the steps that heal?

First: apply a milk crust ointment on the dry scalp and in the affected areas using a gentle massage. Leave for thirty minutes.

Second: wash the scalp with an extra gentle shampoo, carefully massaging with the fingertips to soften the crusts.

Third: with the help of a soft bristle brush, release the crusts.

Forth: rinse and dry gently with a soft towel.

If mommy repeats these steps daily, accumulation of scales will be avoided and their reappearance will be prevented.

Soon, that frame will have the illustrious family photo and the aunts and grannies a souvenir to keep in their wallet.

When in doubt, ask your pharmacist 😉

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