My name is Sofia and I am the mother of two children. Inspired by the famous phrase of M. Gandhi – “We can be the change that we want to see in the world” – I have coordinated for a few years the project More PARTICIPATION better health.

The Portuguese Celiac Association  was and is the best help in my day-to-day gluten-free, including when I travel, so I share here a little of what I have learnt.

Any parent of a child with celiac disease knows full well that when we travel, maintaining a gluten-free diet is a permanent challenge.

So, whenever I travel with the kids for one or more days, I never leave the house without the Gluten-Free Kit, which includes healthy options and more opulent options for those difficult times when children stare at a showcase of delicacies with no other option for them.

My Gluten Free Kit includes:

  • Sliced ​​bread gluten free (ready to eat*)
  • Gluten-free cereal bars gluten free (chocolate option for the most delicious)
  • Simple wafers gluten free (type Maria or water and salt)
  • Wafers with Chocolate Nuggets gluten free
  • Sugar free gums gluten free
  • Chocolate or cake gluten free (packed in individual packaging)

To the Gluten Free Kit, which I transport in a hard plastic box, along with water, I add fruit pulp or apples and milk.

When something is over, just go to a supermarket, a health food store or a pharmacy to replenish the stock. When I travel by plane, and because on trips with less than 4 hours, airlines do not offer a gluten-free meal, I also usually get a hamburger with gluten-free bread or another gluten-free meal for the kids at the airport.


* No need to bake in the oven

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