The first tooth…

Time really flies!

It seems that our baby was born yesterday and without us noticing, it has been ten months.

Until recently there was almost nothing to be solved until she began to get a diaper rash, to wake up many times during the night and to have a very stuffed nose.

Could it be a cold?

She had no fever, so it did not seem to be.

We were treating the symptoms with a good ointment for the bottom, a lot of serum and sea water for the nose.

And, of course, many cuddles!

All of this helped, but there was something that told us we were not getting to the heart of the matter.

For three months, the pediatrician had noticed that her gums were swollen, but that there were not any teeth to look at. We even joked that our baby was pushing his teeth into the gum so she could continue to suckle.

It seems that at last she decided to let them grow … Following this suspicion, we bought a gel for the first teeth that even had an applicator that helped to do the massage.

The effect was very cute: she loved it and even held the tube herself. When we took it out, we had the opportunity to also try out the first tantrums, which was… er… good…?

In addition to the gum gel, we passed to our daughter’s hand a teething ring that we were putting throughout the day in the fridge, its surface with reliefs made it a nice object for the baby to bite, refreshing the mouth and the sensitive gums.

Anyway, after four days the first little tooth finally appeared, so I consider that this is another case solved by these new parental detectives.

Text written by Bruno.


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