Sunscreen for atopic skin?

Following the post I received a message from a reader: “my son has atopic dermatitis since he was a baby, what is the best sunscreen?”

Atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema are different names for the same skin disease.

Symptoms: Dry, itchy skin, redness, and peeling are the symptoms of this inflammation which, although chronic, is not contagious.

In children, it is on the face, especially on the cheeks, but also on the ears, and on the fold of the elbows and knees that the lesions are located.

Although its exact cause is unknown, it is often associated with a family history of allergy: it is a sign that rhinitis and asthma may appear later.

Actions to take care of your skin and relieve symptoms:

  • Avoid products with aggressive substances (parabens, perfume and soap)
  • Use an emollient bath gel
  • Baths should be short and warm
  • Dry the skin with a soft towel
  • Put a moisturizer suitable for atopy after bathing, and repeat the application throughout the day
  • Prefer cotton clothing
  • No scratching! The more you scratch the more irritation and itchiness, keep your nails short and filed to prevent injury

pele atopica

Choose a sunscreen with SPF50+ chemical filters, unscented, with a formula rich in oats, which will keep the skin moisturized. Thus, the risk of developing eczema or atopic crises decreases.

Atopic dermatitis has calming phases that alternate with more intense ones, and stress, exposure to extreme temperatures, food (e.g. eggs, soya, dairy products, walnuts) or irritants can trigger the symptoms.

Note: Always take care of the skin even after the lesions disappear

In case of doubt or persistence of symptoms consult your doctor and your pharmacist 😉

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