When I’m asked to dispense an antibiotic without a prescription, and, given the explanation of why I cannot do it, people turn around and curse, “In that case, I’ll go to another pharmacy!”

  • When people tell us in confidence that they have stopped taking the medicine X, Y or Z, because they read the package leaflet or did a search on the internet and now “know” all possible effects that the substance could cause. As a result of all this knowledge, and WITHOUT consulting the doctor, they have simply decided to abandon the treatment.
  • When people take from their pockets a little paper with the name of the medication the neighbor is taking and they want to buy it and start taking it because “it will certainly be good for me, too”, regardless of our advice.
  • When people do not take the medicine because (as we confirmed after contacting half the world and surroundings) it is out of stock in all the warehouses, laboratories and the neighboring pharmacies…
  • When people ask for the complaint book because we have not accepted the return of a medicine, despite the explanation of the importance of the guarantee and the storage conditions. That would be putting everyone’s health at risk!
  • When people get emotional in front of us because they have lost a loved one and the pain stays in our chest for days.
  • When we give medicines to those who do not have the money to buy them and we think that there must be a lot more missing in their house.
  • When the illness beats a loved one who was already “part of the pharmacy furniture”.

Special request: When you are with your family pharmacist, give him/her a hug and tell him/her how important it is for you, because there are days when we need an extra treat 😉

Photography Rita Ferro Alvim

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