Pharmaceutical between trips

Trip. Path that goes along a more or less long route; journey; navigation: written relation of the events occurred in a tour, a tour, etc.

Travel, one of my favorite verbs. To fly out at least once a year.

This year, just like last year is a two in one. I participate in the FIP congress and take the opportunity to get to know a part of the world.

Unlike my first trips, planned in detail, now I let myself go and make my own script, I wander everywhere waiting to be surprised. To feel those butterflies in the belly.

Eleven hours of flight … I carry in my backpack:

On the feet it is MANDATORY to have comfortable footwear, because you only know how to walk endlessly, to look closely at the locals, to observe people and habits, “the way of being.” I leave a piece of me and I bring a more complete “I”, a baggage of memories.

From last year’s trip:

Cusco, Peru

I’ll be right there and I’ll be right back.

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