The travel bed, the stroller, the feeding chair, and the whole array of “baby stuff” that has been tied up in our trunk for years has been gradually replaced by bicycles, boards, skates, balls, and skates.

But attention! Let those who think “kids growing up is synonymous to lighter luggage”.

In addition to the suitcase and all the paraphernalia of “essential things” of the children, what is never missing is our pharmacy kit with medicines and health products to tackle some of the most common problems of this time of year.


Sunscreen to prevent sunburn.


Repellent to prevent insect bites, and antihistamine for relieving itchiness, the father is the preferred target of mosquitoes.

Oral hydration salts and regulator of the intestinal flora to treat episodes of diarrhea.

“Small accidents”

On the beach, kids love exploring the rocks, so there is always a cut in the foot, an arm wound, a scratch.

Physiological saline to clean the wound, antiseptic spray to disinfect the wound, healing cream, and a dressing on the wound – the icing on the cake.


Medications for pain and fever, the thermometer!

At our destination, I store the kit in a cool, dry place away from children.

The hat and the sunglasses are also part of it.

Enjoy your vacation!

In case of doubt consult your pharmacist 😉

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