Our Advent Calendar #Day 25

December 25, Christmas Day

Dear Jesus

Today I come to Your house to visit You and thank You for all the little things of this world that is Yours and that serves me so well.

Dear Jesus, thank you for the gaze that looks over my sleep, for the colors of the fish in the sea, for the sound of my father’s footsteps, for the leaves of the moving trees, for the hands of my mother, for the lizards’ thousand legs, for the embraces of my grandparents, for my warm pajamas, for the sea that shines in the sun, for the lap of my uncles, for the stories they tell me, for the laughter of my brothers, for the lights of the streets at night, for the voices that answer me, for the rain that only falls out there,

For the silence of the mountain, by the spots of the giraffe, for the crumbs of bread, for the sun that warms me, for the blue elephants, for the hot water baths, for the letters of all colors, for the reflections in the mirrors, for the noises of the animals, for the little lights of candles, for the dreams that make me laugh, for this life you gave me.

Merry Christmas

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