Oh no! Another pimple, right on the nose!

When the pharmacy babies swap their baby clothes for their tops and their jeans torn at the knees… matching the Doc Martens, I get the distinct feeling that I got one or two more white hairs.

Dear Carol, just yesterday you came to the pharmacy to swinging in your polka-dot sling, to get your baby’s diaper cream, or a frog to replace the one that was forgotten in the park, the milk can to carry in your grandparents’ suitcase, when mom was enjoying a break with dad.

Today you come alone, ask me for help, because the physical changes that result from adolescence and the pressure to belong to the group, are not easy.

You start by telling me that you’re going to buy makeup, because your friends already have it, and carrying your mother’s make up little bag in secret is for babies.

Aside from looking better, as you say, you also want to cover up the damn pimples.

How do I treat acne?

The first and most important step is cleaning with a suitable washing gel in order to effectively eliminate the excess sebum the skin produces. It is only after the skin is clean that one should apply an acne cream.

Carol, having oily skin, will use a mattifying cream (it absorbs sebum and sweat and normalizes sebum production), and a localized anti-acne stick to apply on the pimples.

I warned Carol not to use thick and oily makeup, because, besides aggravating acne, can trigger more pimples. Layers of skin make-up can mask imperfections, but will makes her look like she’s wearing a mask …

So whichever product you choose – also applies to sunscreens and make-up – it should be oil-free and not cause accumulation of grease (you should read the label).

You should NEVER squeeze the pimples or exfoliate the skin because the pimples are caused by a bacteria, and in doing so you will “sow” it in other places.

We agreed to talk again in a few days, after starting the care, not only to talk about the results of the treatment, but also to discuss the mishaps and doubts of a teenager. 😉

PS- This care is also for the Franciscos, the Filipes and the Andrés…


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