Mother & Daughters

There is a lot of talk, a lot of sing-alongs, a lot of blankets on the couch.

Clinging to each other, cuddling, we take turns to hear the best of our day, one on the lap, the other on piggy-back, always with our pinkies well squeezed.

There are a lot of braids, a lot of hairstyles, bows and ribbons, a lot of felt-tip pen ink on the fingers, between the tulle skirts there is an injured knee, and many bare feet.

There is a mirror fought over.

There are three viewpoints, three different looks, three bossy Marias, three opinionated ladies.

There is always one who looks after the others, attentive to everything.

There are many tickles and Eskimo kisses on ‘I can’t’ days.

There are many choreographies, cartwheels, many headstands against the wall, to see the world upside down.

There are little secrets and good conspiracies against the men in the house.

There is the complicity of knowing that it only takes a very tight… hug.

photography Mariana Sabido.


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