Message from a daughter to her father

Dear Father, I still feel the tickle of the ice cream stick on my feet as you gently shake the sand after a morning of playing on the beach. That Sunday the towel was forgotten at home.

Your ability to improvise and our laughter are part of my childhood memories.

– Do you remember?

You were out for a long time at work, but that day you took care of your “chicks”, as you used to call us.

The little brother did not want to eat the potato, and you threw little paper airplanes into the kitchen sky.

On our anniversary day we used to have lunch with you in Chiado. The girls could choose a dress and the boys a new outfit.

I waited all year for this day, it was so good not to have to share your attention with my brothers.

-Do you remember Dad?

She loved to swim, every time she walked towards the seashore, her mother’s heart was in an uproar.

You could not have chosen a better trick to scare me. You would take me to my lap “up to the clouds” and throw me into the waves. When she came to the surface, she shouted with happiness: “More father, more father!”

“I was four or five years old, remember?”

Your goodnight kiss was a “tickle attack.” She always fell asleep smiling inside.

At night when I’m lying down, your grandchildren always ask me “a little kiss like our grandfather’s”.

I asked you for a lift today.

I waited for you.

The hours began to pass and you did not show up.

– Where are you?

…You forgot where you parked the car.

I was floored, I felt guilty for thinking that you could still take care of me when now I should look after you.

I want to remain calm when “these episodes” happen again, but it is difficult when one is constantly in a state of shock.

We are learning to live with your new self.

Now, I’ll take you to the beach as early as you like.

Dad, do not worry because your memories are well guarded with me.

Besides, I’m teaching kids to improvise.

– Do you remember? I learned from you. ”

There are forgetfulness and forgetfulness…

They are the first warning signs, but with some care it is possible to distinguish the pathological ones from those due to old age.

Patient with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Forget important details or the whole situation
  • Rarely recalls information later
  • You are gradually unable to follow directions
Old man
  • Forget about minor details
  • Recall information later
  • Usually able to follow directions

Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease is important in its evolution and in the prolongation of the life quality of the sick person and their relatives.

Your family pharmacist knows this fact and is available to help you identify possible warning signs, refer you to a medical consultation and advise about treatment care.

If in doubt ask your pharmacist 😉

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