Before we go on vacation separately, I asked my dear Sofia to prepare a special meeting for my team, in her At Nine Academy, which has the name of her blog. I wanted it to be a happy time, from the heart, different from the lectures focused on objectives, products, or malaria, that generate conversations that almost always flow into the routines of the pharmacy.

We prepared everything in secret, and on D-day, at the end of the afternoon, after hanging up the work coats on the clothes hangers, there we went on a VW Camper van, along the coast, to the Academy. A place so beautiful and full of light, where every detail was chosen with love.

When we arrived, we felt the comfort of returning home. There was time to stop, breathe in the smell of rice cooking in the oven, drink a glass of wine and, especially, sit around the same table, which had been put there with all the loving care by the one who welcomed us with a warm hug. After the excellent dinner, we heard Sofia’s words about the importance of conjugating (not grammatically, but practically) the verb to un-complicate in our day-to-day life. With our hearts now also full, we came back bringing in our chests “the words we need to be told many times” to be a H2O team.

9 na academia

credit pictures | Sofia de Castro Fernandes.

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