In the pharmacy there are days like this…

There are days when I question almost everything.

I wonder a thousand and one times if that was the best way to deal with that situation and with that person. I imagine numerous possible and alternative scenarios. Some better, other worse ones.

If I said too many words or if I left the conversation in the middle, if there was a hug I gave and another that was left to give, if I should have let it escape but I ran back, if I should have interfered but I was just “not really paying attention”, if I spoke loudly when I should have spoken softly, if I had listened and ought to have ignored it, if I offered my opinion instead of biting my tongue, if I had cried but I should have swallowed my tears, if I laughed and should have been silent.

Today was a day like this.

A pharmacist also has her day… If…

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