If you go to the mountain do not forget to take…

I’m João, I’m a pharmacist and I’m 26 years old. I am a very practical person with a tendency to put poetry in everything. In tune with my own contradictory existence, I like to distract myself by writing and throwing out manuscripts, to watch over and over again the same TV series, and to play the guitar to buffer the volume of my hypocrisy. I think that I would make a good teacher, but my biggest flaw is that I tend not to finish the senten…

I especially like hiking and mountain environment, but, occasionally, also the beach. I have a special affection for Serra da Arrábida, and a pet chagrin for soccer.

This year I’m going on holiday with friends to the Pyrenees. On the mountain, it is important to think not only in terms of pharmacy, but also in clothing and equipment.

To choose lightweight fabrics that allow layering if it gets cold. Footwear is extremely important, it must be comfortable and not facilitate sprains. For a change, my friends asked me to make the pharmacy list, so I’ll bring:

a repellent and a gel for insect bites, sunscreen, an anti-inflammatory gel in case there are any sprains, dressings for blisters on the feet, a first aid kit with topical disinfectant, band aids, bandages and compresses, an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, and instant ice packs.

Luisa talked to me about the elastic knee band and I think I’m also going to take one for myself this year.

Just in case, I think I’m going to take a probiotic and an antihistamine because sometimes I do not get along with the food or the pollen at this time of the year.

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