If you go to the beach do not forget to take…

Hi there! I am Luís, pharmacist. I am 39 years old, I am the father of two girls and when I am not working I practice swimming regularly. As a hobby, I spend some time on philately and reading, usually on topics related to history, chemistry, economics and health. In the field of travel, I particularly like to know our country, especially the wine tourism aspect.

We are going to spend a great weekend in the Algarve, what should I bring to my daughters, six months Maria, and five years old Inês?

The hotel is half-board, so for Maria I bring adapted milk that she only drinks in the morning and some potatoes for the snack.

At lunch and dinner we have soup (sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrot, onion, Zucchini) and fruit jars for an emergency.

The eldest one already eats everything (as long as she likes it), so just choose a restaurant with a varied menu, which preferably serves soups and fresh fish.

As far as health and hygiene are concerned, here is a small list of essential items: diapers, wipes, diaper cream, saline solution, sea water, nasal aspirator, compresses, baby bottles, teats, pacifiers, sunscreen), and sunglasses.

It may seem strange but it is also useful to take the sheets and the travel bed where Maria sleeps because we have already noticed with our first daughter that way the nights are always wonderful.

Another important thing is to take or buy bottled water. Do not forget the beach toys, buoy, beach towels, beach hat…

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