If you go to São Tomé do not forget…

Hello! My name is Marcos and I’m 28 years old, 5 of them spent here at the pharmacy. Besides being a pharmacist, I play in my band in my spare time, I like to read and to travel.

So when the idea of ​​going to São Tome and Príncipe came up with my girlfriend, I realized that I had to be prepared with some things from the pharmacy to avoid unforeseen problems, and to be able to solve them if they arise.

Thus, foreseeing sun exposure on the sidewalks and on the beach, it is essential to take a very high index sunscreen, as well as an after-sun cream, and another one suitable for sunburn, if it does happen.

Another characteristic to consider of tropical countries is the presence of insects, especially mosquitoes, which can transmit diseases with their bite, in addition to the usual itching and discomfort. Therefore, I will have to take an effective insect repellent to keep them away, and a soothing and/or antihistaminic gel in case they attack anyway.

Reduced attention to drinking water should also be avoided by never using non-bottled water or uncooked products prepared with water, because of the risk of gastrointestinal changes, such as diarrhea, so it is good to have an anti-diarrhea medicine to stop it, a probiotic to regulate the intestinal flora, and an oral rehydration serum to replace lost fluids.

In addition, I scheduled a traveler’s consultation, because for some destinations in Africa there are obligatory vaccines and medicines that we have to take to protect ourselves against endemic diseases. Apart from that, just add the travel size daily hygiene products, so as not to take up too much space, and enjoy the trip!

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