If you go to a summer festival do not forget…

Hello, my name is Filipa, I’m 27 years old and I’m a pharmacist.

I was born in the Douro wine region, I really enjoy being with my friends, going to parties, listening to music and dancing.

I could not live without a beach, so whenever I can I go for a swim. This summer,

I decided to have an amazing vacation! I decided to go with my friends to Pessegueiro Island.

Firstly, because we want to escape the big cities, and second because we are going to a music festival (MEO Sudoeste). In Pessegueiro Island, we will spend 15 days in the campsite, in small houses, so I will have to be prepared with different things, such as: oral hygiene kit, bath kit, band aids, and a disinfectant spray (is more practical), repellent – I am super allergic to mosquitoes, well,  insects in general… so it is better to prevent – an ointment that relieves itching if I get stung, SPF 50+ sunscreen, an after sun cream, and tablets for allergies, inflammation, indigestion, diarrhea, and fever.

Then, we will go to the MEO Southwest festival. Here, we will also be camping for a few days, so I take an insect repellent bracelet, because I already know that I will forget to apply the repellent, wipes for blisters, hygiene wipes (to use whenever you go to the toilet), and make-up remover wipes to remove makeup faster.

I believe I will not need anything else.

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