Hello! I’m Paula, I’m 28 years old, and I’m the newest member of the Leal Pharmacy team!

I hate clichés, but I like long walks outdoors, read a good book and listen to good music.

Although I do not consider myself an artist, I attend often exhibitions, concerts, shows and other art forms, and I have found the ideal place for that on the streets of Lisbon!

Although I like life in the capital, I am from Trás os Montes and adventurous so, this year, given the atypical weather, I go to Alvão, which is still covered with snow.

At the time of packing, being a pharmacist is an advantage! Apart from the warm clothes, scarves, hats, gloves and proper footwear, I cannot forget my snow kit!

As my skin complexion is quite fair, I cannot miss applying the sunscreen with high protection index on the face and neck. I also carry a cold cream to protect the exposed areas from the cold, and a moisturizing lip balm. After the bath you cannot miss applying a fat cream to moisturize the skin, which tends to be drier when exposed to low temperatures.

Given my innate lack of coordination, you cannot miss an arnica gel for post-sports injuries!

Se for para a NEVE não se esqueça de...

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