I returned home, to the work routine, the pharmacy, and the school, to the steps of my human ladder (Té and Quico), after a week taking care of someone who needs pampering, cuddles, food for the soul, a good tight hug to make the tears sweeter, listening to whispers in the ear, as many times as necessary, someone who, although the hair has fallen, remains a beautiful person.

Because… it does not really matter, this is just a drop in the ocean, it will grow again.

I bought the flight tickets without hesitation. Was I impulsive? Perhaps.

I got carried away by my heart, my emotions, my need to care.

Sometimes, it is not worth it to spend brain cells thinking about it, it needs to be done, to advance, in this case, TO GO.

In the days leading up to the trip I was invaded by the typical nervousness about leaving the kids, although I knew they would be okay. I think it’s a common feeling for many mothers.

I confess that I was also afraid of the difficult situation that awaited for me in Her Majesty’s land. I had doubts concerning what would be better to do or say when I got there.

When one is a thousand miles away, distance leads us to imagine and suppose many things.

Are there the right words, the most appropriate, the perfect, or the most comforting of all in these difficult times?

So, I went to England taking, besides my Mada, a suitcase with only the basics and the indispensable things: rain boots, umbrella, woolen hats, lipstick, and a cold cream to protect the skin from the cold.

I loaded the iPad with music and games and the two of us boarded very early in the morning, rucksacks on our backs.

For a week, we took care of our own.

Little Mada’s joy, playfulness, and conversations were an oxygen balloon for all, helping to dispel the gray clouds during the days of consultation and treatment.

It was a time to quiet down the homesickness, to soothe the heart, to simply be.

I assumed the role of caregiver, without scripts or theories about what one should or not say/do.

Because the medicines are what treats the disease, that obey a scheme, guidelines, and they are also subject to changes according to the disease evolution and the reactions of the body.

I have confirmed the super power of strong embraces, little gestures, silence, and comforting food as a fundamental part of recovery and treatment. At the moment of our farewell, although I could not contain the emotion of the separation, I boarded with the certainty of having left our footprint of love, in the hope that everything will go well.

Of a happy end very soon.

Viajei para cuidar

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