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It is very frequent at the counter that we maintain the following dialogue: “Good afternoon, look, I would like to buy medicine X.”

“Surely it’s for some situation where I might be useful?” *

*By now, a little aside on this question: No, I’m not just boring; No, it’s not that I do not Want to sell what you asked me to; not even that you want to push what interests me.

I’m a pharmacist first, and my duty is to ensure the proper use of the medicine. I personally have already missed a few situations of bad use with this question, which allowed me to correct and teach the user properly. Also, the opposite has already happened, in which I was learning a new use for a given product through conversation. In any case, I ask you to accept the annoyance of having to repeat this question with every costumer and have some patience to answer me.

“Oh, it’s just for the home pharmacy.”

It is a common funny expression, but it also makes me think: What is the need of a home pharmacy? And what will be useful or indispensable? Let’s go to work.

Well, first of all, I can already say that the home pharmacy will depend on a lot, mainly who lives in the house, and where the house is located. Let’s leave out the “function” of the house because this is already in the field of workplace legislation and first aid kits.

Let’s open our little box of surprises and see what’s in there.

First of all, and perhaps most obvious, is the medication that the residents of the house usually take. We live in the era of chronic diseases, and there are many people who have to take medication for blood pressure, asthma etc.

After we take out all those little boxes, their generics and their mothers, what do we lack?

Well, I guess it’s not a bad idea to start with a first-aid kit – yes, those who said they would put them aside because in reality first-aid can occur anywhere. There is plenty available, but you may want to have scissors, tweezers, sterile dressings, gauze bandage, adhesive tape, something to wipe wounds (saline, disinfectant etc.), gloves and cotton. I will not go into details, there is so much here in this box in front of me that I would not know how to use half of it. (*note for myself: learn how to use these instruments)

What do we have here now? Ah! Here it is! That good part that cannot be left within the reach of children

– Not that the rest should, but these colorful and miraculous “candies” are so good that there is a greater danger of an unsuspecting progeny coming to consume.

In this box I have those things that everyone uses: antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic (which is often a 3 in 1) and antihistamine. There is still the probiotic hidden. And then the rest depends on what the person is most accustomed to: decongestants, throat lozenges, anti-hemorrhoids and laxatives, cough syrup or expectorants, artificial tears etc.

Some items such as band aids, anything that can be applied as ice, ointments, gels or creams with various functions such as skin and burns healing cream, anti-inflammatories, etc., can also be used.

Moral of the story: the home pharmacy has a great advantage over others – it is customizable.

Create your own pharmacy according to what you use and need the most. Ah! “And right now, the bathroom is not a good place to hold our pharmacy, because the humidity and temperature are not usually good for drug storage.

If you are not one of these people and abhor the concept of home pharmacy, you are also lucky because with the new schedules of most pharmacies, anytime you feel like it you can always appear at the counter and give us inspiration for a new post. 😉

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