Give medicines to my dog, mission impossible?

Following the post today is the day of my four-legged friend, I received an SOS request from a reader: “I have a dog and give him pills or syrup is an impossible mission, do you suggest any trick?”

It is not always easy to give medicines to dogs and cats but there are techniques that facilitate this almost impossible mission…

Before any decision making or gesture you should go to your four-legged friend.

You should not call him to give the medicine because he can be afraid and associate his name with an unpleasant moment.

To administer medications, one must be affectionate but firm, and know the tricks that are most appropriate for each animal and each medicine:


  1. With the dog sitting, open his mouth, holding it on top
  2. Insert the tablet as far back as possible, on the tongue
  3. Hold his mouth closed and hold his head up, stroking the throat to feel if the tablet has been swallowed.


You can choose to give the pill hidden inside a food that the dog likes, such as a piece of ham.

 Syrups and tablets diluted in water: with the dog in the same position, insert the syringe (plastic) into the corner of the mouth, between the teeth.

Ear drops

  1.  With the ear flap to the back, insert the dropper into the ear, toward the muzzle, without letting the dog shake his head
  2. Remove the dropper and lower the flap of the ear
  3. With the palm massage the base of the ear.

Eye Drops

  1.  Wipe the area around the eyes
  2. Hold the dog and keep his eye open, approaching from behind the hand holding the medicine
  3. Apply the drops and let the eye be bathed by the medicine.


In the end, praise and reward your four-legged companion because a positive reinforcement is always welcome!

Last Advice, a sick animal needs health care and comfort: keep it in a warm, dry place, with the hygiene zone nearby.

Pamper him to alleviate illness and treatment.

If in doubt ask your pharmacist 😉


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