Eight Steps to Treat the Flu

You treat only the symptoms:
  1. Fever and pain- antipyretics and analgesics
  2. Dry cough – antitussives
  3. Coughing with expectoration – expectorants
  4. Clogged nose – decongestants
  5. Rest at home – avoid contaminating other people and give the body time to recover
  6. Drink liquids – water, unsweetened juices, tea, herbal teas or soup
  7. Avoid temperature changes and unventilated locations.
  8. Wear disposable wipes, cover your hand when you sneeze, and then wash your hands.

It is an infection caused by viruses, antibiotics do not produce any effect because they are drugs with the ability to prevent the multiplication or destruction of bacteria


If in doubt ask your pharmacist 😉


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