Dismissal at the counter

For everything there is a first time…

Today was the day to be surprised in full attendance by a sad episode.

While putting the medicines on the counter, my client received a call.

After turning off the phone, she says in disbelief: “I’ve just been fired, tomorrow I have no work”.

Despite the effort, she could not contain her tears.

I took her into the study and gave her all the time to compose herself.

Is the word respect not part of the vocabulary of those who have the power to decide who is or is not part of a team?

As much as the situation is embarrassing and difficult to face, shouldn’t it be done face to face?

Should we not think twice before dismissing a person over the phone?

Maybe it’s already a regular procedure by email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Is this the way to go when dealing with people?

Am I getting just getting old? I’m speechless.

PS – This is also valid for those who call just to leave the following alert: “Oh, I am just calling to tell you that I’m applying for a place in another company…”.

All right, but please, can you kindly give me the news in person?

I would remind you that this is not a marriage by correspondence.

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