Last June, the third edition of the nutrition workshop was held at Leal Pharmacy.

Palestra na farmácia

The purpose of these workshops is to create awareness in the community to healthy, balanced food, without radicalisms, addressing and undoing some of the myths about eating that are very common these days! In the past editions several themes were approached, such as: senior healthy eating; diabetes and constipation; and in the latter, nutrition education for caregivers. It is always important to remember that nutritional counseling is individual because we take into account that we are all unique beings. That’s why I do not believe in generic diets, nor in internet diets that work in all situations, for all people. What I know to be there are just guidelines that help us to follow a healthy diet. If it is necessary to adapt the diet individually or to some pathology, it should be advised by a nutritionist.

Seminar and text written by our dear nutritionist Joana.



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