Orange skin

When I’m asked to give an opinion on creams, lotions, gels, transdermal patches, to eradicate cellulite, after the poor thing has been let loose for twelve months, I find it difficult to help. Of course it’s only a week before the beach (and bikinis, bathing suits and shorts finally jump out of the ark) that tons of photos begin to appear in the social networks of beauties with Photoshop retouches, and that consequently everybody finally remembers their own “orange peel”. Ladies and gentlemen, although the cellulite has been hibernating under layers of clothing, it has not abandoned us just because it was covered, and it still lingers there like a limpet to our legs and insecurities.

My answer, hard as it is, is always the same: There are no quick and definitive solutions!

As much as there is an incredible amount of will power of those who are desperate and willing to spend quite a few euros in a quick and miraculous solution, I have to remember that cellulite is persistent, so it must be attacked throughout the year.

Health products and slimming techniques (manual massages, acoustic wave technology, skin therapy or laser) do not produce the desired effect if used alone, so to effectively reduce the citrus appearance, it is essential to adopt healthier living habits:

  • Practice a balanced diet, favoring vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and slow release carbohydrates (from rice and whole grains), avoiding saturated fats, salt and sugar.
  • Drink more water and drink less alcohol and drinks with lots of sugar.
  • Exercise on a regular basis to burn off excess calories and reduce stress.
  • Avoid wearing very tight clothes because they hinder the circulation of blood and thus can contribute to the development of cellulite.
  • Do not smoke, and avoid prolonged standing or sitting.

If fighting cellulite is the incentive to replace daily a bad habit with a good one, then you can believe that it is already worth it, even if the effect on cellulite is not immediate!

This solution is not perfect, and there will always be situations in which some vestige remains that we cannot eliminate; so it is important to address the issue without excessive blame or judgment, continuing to disseminate hashtags like #vidarealsemfiltro, #pessoasreais, #corposreais, which are already more frequent in social networks. After all, we are all just trying to be healthy and so we should not be criticized, but praised regardless of the perfection of the end result of our effort.


If in doubt ask your pharmacist. 😉


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