Breastfeeding with ease

Clara returned to work after six months of falling in love with her Maria do Mar.

It was low tide times, picking up shells and crabs, building castles in the sand and jumping in the little boats. But there were also days of wild tides, with stormy seas and thunderstorms. Maria do Mar, like all children, brought the tides into the lives of her parents.

Today Clara passed by the pharmacy, after leaving her daughter and half of her heart at school.

She needed a breast cream because they were sensitive and sore and she wanted to continue breastfeeding.

After a good morning and a few kisses, she let out a sigh accompanied by an outburst:

-“Luísa, my return to work has been a veritable storm.

I was not expecting a welcome party, but the silence and the stares to the floor from my colleagues when I pass by or try to start a conversation has been difficult to manage and digest.

Will everything go back to the way it used to be? Besides having to separate myself from my daughter, I have to endure that heavy environment! ”

There was silence, as we plunged to the bottom of the sea, and for seconds we held our breath.

When we returned to the surface, after Clara caught her breath, I hugged her.

I began by explaining that after the bath and each feed, I should put a few drops of her milk on the nipple and the halo, because it would help to heal, to hydrate the skin, and to protect against infections.

The proper regenerating cream can be applied between feedings because, besides relieving, it will also protect the breasts.

It is advisable to start feeding with the pain-free nipple and correct the placement of the baby to the breast, as well as changing the position of the daughter, always looking for greater comfort.

If you feel pain you can use nipple protectors and give your breast milk through a spoon or cup until you feel better.

To stop the feeding, place a finger on the baby’s mouth to gently loosen the nipple.

– “Clara sometimes we must have the patience to wait, to let the tide pass because everything ends up following its course.

I finished with a tender kiss:

-“Embrace your Maria do Mar a lot because hugs heal and their adverse effects are powerful. ”

If in doubt ask your pharmacist 😉

You can also search for help here.

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