As a good hypochondriac that I am (although recovering), I have an authentic pharmacy at home. It does not always work for me because there are medicines with shorter shelf life, and when I need them, I often cannot take them (or give to those who need them here at home). But then there are those that are essential when you have children and if they are used, they do not come even close to the expiry date (they are taken before). This is the case with syrups for fever and pain. With one is more difficult to convince them to take it, but the other is regarded as a dessert as it is so delicious (and therefore, it has to be well away from the little ones, so that they do not realize that this is not a sweet to eat at the end of the meal). The tablets for the pains of adults are not missing, either.

Recently, I started to have terrible migraines and there is a whole arsenal that goes from the tablet to attack early on to the “hard drug”, in order to avoid having to go to the hospital.

The ointment for burns is never missing at home. It is not that we burn easily (knock on wood), but it is so good that even if there is only a sun irritation or a friction burn (or even a diaper rash) I just apply a thin layer and the skin seems to start clapping. I’m such a fan of the ointment that I wrote its name here, but the pharmacist says I cannot. Well, it starts with a ‘B’ and ends with an ‘E’. If you want to know, you already have the work facilitated. 😉

Another medication that is not missing is an ointment for mosquito bites – there are people around the house who are very prone to being stung (I am not, as I must be as bitter as a lemon), and some even develop an allergy sometimes. There were times when there was no shortage of heavy artillery for bronchiolitis and their shortness of breath. They were demonic times that I do not even like to remember. Martim had bronchiolitis at 2 months, was hospitalized, and then bronchiolitis, one after the other, until he was 3. He had to be prepared for the worst, and the nebulizer and his medicines were always at hand. Fortunately … this phase is over.

This text reminded me that it is time to go and clean the medicine cabinet, and also go and deliver many to the nearest pharmacy. After all, one of the steps for a recovering hypochondriac is to get rid of too much medicine around! It will be done right away!

Text written by Sónia Morais Santos.

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