Back home

Seoul. Sitting on the plane that takes me back to Lisbon. I feel a warmth in my chest when I think of my city.

13 hours and 10,418 km from getting home. During lift off I put on the phones and I let myself be rocked gently by the music of Norah Jones. On the seat pocket in front I put the book, the travel diary, the congress notes, and the pillow. I slide the indicator across the screen and take a look at the movies available during the flight. I close my eyes. Drowsiness mixes with a whirlwind of feelings that invade me. It’s the first time I’m on break mode after two weeks of travel. In my luggage I bring the energy of the beautiful places I have visited, the experiences I have lived and the people I have met. I try to doze off but I cannot. I begin to write on white sheets of paper. An attempt to “put the emotions, the thoughts and the ideas in order”.

With a lighter heart I fall asleep to the sound of Come away with me.

Regresso a casa

Regresso a casa

Regresso a casa


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