About me

Luísa Leal

When I was little I wanted to be a dancer then I changed my mind and dreamed of being a hostess to travel the world. In my adolescence my taste for design and fashion led me to take a degree to become a fashion designer.

Granddaughter, daughter and sister of pharmacists, I grew up listening to conversations in “pharmaceuticalish”.

My neighborhood pharmacy in Oeiras was always my second home, we lived in the building opposite, just across the street. During the summer holidays I always asked my mother to help her. I was fascinated to look at the amber glass vials, read the labels of the active principles as if they were magic potions waiting to be turned into medicines.

Half a dozen years ago my life was forever linked to the pharmacy when I decided to change my career path and went back to the university chairs. As I am persistent and stubborn, I made a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

I have four children, two boys and two girls, twenty-three, eight, six, and four years old. I began the most challenging trip of my life at age 21.

Our family life is always exciting, there are new things every day. We like hugging, kissing, giving opinions on the most varied subjects, and not lacking sense of humor here.

I hear with my heart the stories of my childhood and the life of the pharmacy as told by my clients. There are inspirational life stories that enter us through the door and must be told with love.

I like to talk, listen, help and clarify doubts often raised at the pharmacy counter and increasingly on the internet.

So the idea of this blog was born!

Photography Rita Ferro Alvim