A first-time father

A father was born on my team, thank you, Bruno, for sharing:

THE THREE OF US first day…

After surviving the emotions of childbirth, the hospital stay ended and we returned home.

Apparently, everything seemed to be in order.

The cat belongings were moved into another part of the house. The room was in order with everything we needed: linen, crib, baby bathtub, toiletries, plenty of diapers.

The fridge well stocked up – I highly recommend it!!!

So far, everything seemed easy.

Family, friends, acquaintances… everyone had an INFORMED opinion to give.

Finally, the three of us alone!

I began to have a sense of reality and to feel the fear of not being able to live up to it.

Is the room temperature good? Are you hungry? Did you eat enough?

If you have eaten, you have burped and have had your diaper changed, why are you still crying? Is it sleep?

Yes, father and mother do not stop yawning!

At last, the baby falls asleep but I cannot. The fear that I may be needed at any moment does not let me!!!

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