Sunday is ‘our’ week day, there are no schedules, rushing, or urgencies

1.Quiet home, I prepared a coffee with soya milk and enjoyed it to the sound of Sunrise Norah Jones, time for myself, breath for the day.

2.Bicycles, the kids went for a ride on the garden with their dad.

10 coisas que adoro fazer ao domingo

3.Time to write, put ideas together for the week that is slowly coming.

4.Kitchen. After the homework, we baked oats and dark chocolate cookies to take to school tomorrow. We are looking for new healthy flavors for our Healthy Lunches chalange.

4.Late lunch at childhood friends’ home. Mada, number 1 fan of animals, stroked kitten Violeta for a long time.

5.Beautiful snack, ‘eyes delight’: yoghurt and rosemary cake and tea with milk.

6.Movie session at the end of the day.

7.. with homemade popcorn.

8.Painting… stimulates communication, creativity, sensitivity and the way kids express themselves.

9.A story before the kids fall asleep.

10. Walking hand in hand. The younger kids are already asleep, Du is finishing a project, Dad and I go to the beach.

Have a good week.

Your pharmacist 😉

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