10 things I love doing on Sundays #3

Sunday is ‘our’ week day, there are no schedules, rushing, or urgencies.

1.“I’m singin’…in the rain!The sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love

2. Only Child Day, we start our route at LX Factory, a cool place in Lisbon, with cafes, restaurants, shops, and urban art.

3. Descovering and being surprised by doing good initiatives. Hand in hand to discover the Organii eco Market.

Mada takes part in the arts workshop, lets her creativity fly and paints her first tiles.

4. Pause to eat a piece of fruit: apple or pear, you can just choose…

5.  Play, try new toys at Casa Nheko , fingerpick a new song at the fantastic CigarBoxGuitar Santa Cecília

6.  Have a slow lunch, taste with the 5 senses a marvelous salad made of organic ingredients, and be happy observing my little Indian enjoying new flavors.

 7. Read slowly, to enter Ler Devagar bookstore.

More than a bookshop, is an invitation to enjoy a state of mind in this beautiful space.

Let the atmosphere inspire me, give time to Mada to leaf through the books and discover stories.

I brought home a book, Curious Jim. Trip to the heart of 3D Ocean, just put on the goggles and dive…


8. A comforting snack. It’s still raining and the sky is silver. I ran with Mada on my shoulders, between raindrops and kisses we enter in a cafe.

We order Dutch mini pancakes with different toppings, and we share them.

9. Home and soothing music playing, stopping and organizing the coming days.

10. Before sleeping, among sheets and pillows, Quico softly tells a story.


The pharmacist 😉



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