Sunday is ‘our’ week day, there are no schedules, rushing, or urgencies.
  1. Sleep an extra hour. Wake up slowly. Stretch. Time to hug the kids

  1. Begin to read such a beautiful book.

  1. Go to the park, run, play games, release energy, play and laugh.

  1. Shell walnuts and put them in little bags for the school lunches.
  1. Listen to music, they play their songs… they practice scales and chords.

  1. Look at old photo albums. Who guesses who that is?

  1. Birthday parties, multiplied by three. Active ‘social lives’. Among balloons, I read and have a coffee.

  1. Admire a school project, about Amazonia,idealized and made by Quico.

  1. Read a story before they fall asleep.

10.Before going to bed, I light a candle, think and plan the coming week…

Leave space for the unexpected.

Have a good week.

Your pharmacist 😉

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